Kamis, 18 Januari 2018

trip to nantu forest wildlife gorontalo sulawesi island.

Trip to nanti forest wildlife place on gorontalo sulawesi island indonesia.where the home of babyrusa or pigdeer and anoas,black macaques heky.

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Senin, 07 Juli 2014

sulawesi wildlife babi rusa adudunantu forest gorontalo tour 2 july untill 7 july 2014 tour.

manado-nantuforest 15 hours.

sulawesi wildlife tour babirusa adudu nantu forest gorontalo tour start fro manado north sulawesi indonesia.
guide jotje lala guided mr erik andres and hisfather  stefan from sweden 2 untill 7 july 2014

guide jotje lala erik his father

sari tani village and nantu forest mr erik and his father pho by guide jotje lala

rare black pigeon in nantu forest some bibi rusa does not like to come to babirusa place

new regulation to pay for entrry and makee photos inside the jungle must to pay  in indonesia rupiah 4.000 000 according to ppno12 tahun 2014[regulation of goverment number 12 year 2015.
in this tour we have seen babi rusa,black macaca called macaca hecky,agroup of rare black pigeons.
and otherthing.
in tomohon they in village.http://wailaninn.blogspot.com
gorontalo westay in :www.newmelatyhotel.com
and in nantu forest we stay in familyhouse in sari tani village bonder with nantu forest
price to go there .http://visitadudunantuforest.blogspot.com